We believe in supporting each child's talent and potential to the fullest. Discover yourself with us.

Tunas Jakasampurna School is identical with being independent and illustrates the courage in developing children's full potential. Since 1982 we continue to inspire and encourage children by nurturing their talents. We follow recent trends in education and we use three domains of learning to construct lessons.

Tunas Jakasampurna School set the trend and becomes the first school in Bekasi to establish a vocational school focusing on developing information technology (IT) talent. We foster a technopreneur mindset in our students to prepare them to answer the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution.

Year of 2020 is the time for us moving forward, we combine national curriculum with Cambridge Education. The education sets a global standard for education and prepares students with the skills they need for life, helping them to achieve at school, university and work.

Tunas Jakasampurna School