The first five years of children life are the most important, their brains develop rapidly. This is also the best time to learn appropriate behavior, empathy, and social skills that will remain with them for life and becomes the person they are going to be.

TK Tunas Jakasampurna School has two levels of learning: playgroup, and preschool. Young learners are fostered in a loving and caring community by enabling interactive dialogue. Using multiple intelligence approach, we encourage the students to think creatively in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Competencies 2-3 years 3-4 years 4-5 years 5-6 years
Literacy Student is able to identify a-z Student can recall letters and identify things Student is able to write words and identify them Students can make up simple words and form sentences
Numeracy Student can count 1-10 verbally Student can count 1-10 with objects Student can count 1-20 Student can identify symbols, can count perfectly to 20 and do simple arithmetic    
English Student is able to mention letter a to letter z Student is able to identify and trace letter a to z Student is able to read simple family word Student is able to read and spell words in a simple sentence

Tunas Jakasampurna School