School area will be open no earlier than 06.30 a.m. Parents or guardians should drop students off using the Gate I for all level students. Car drivers should remain in their cars. While motorcycle bikers have to park their bikes in the designated parking area.

School gate will be closed five minutes before 07.00 a.m.


Parents or guardians must park in the designated parking area, not on the road outside the school area (except certain special events). Do not block any access (doors or gates) in the neighborhood.

Children will be released to authorized people only. Any changes to studentís dismissal routine (such as taking public transport or different person picking up), must be informed to the school two hours before dismissal by the parents or guardians.

In case parents or guardians cannot pick the students up in time, we will keep the children inside the school's administration office. We recommend not to exceed from half hours after the class ends.

Please keep in mind, the school is not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles or contents left on premises. Please keep the personal items with you.

Tunas Jakasampurna School