Ideas for a fun and productive summer holiday.

As we speak, the pandemic is still wreaking havoc across the world. Some countries even face the threat of a second or third wave of infections. Recently World Health Organization warned that the second year of Covid-19 was set to be far more deadly. So, staying at home and away from the crowd is still the safest option to date.

Yes, you are reading it right. We are staying at home for the summer holiday once again but worry no more. We are going to share ideas about what to do during the summer holiday, not just fun but a productive summer holiday.


Learning chess

You still remember how Queen’s Gambit hit show sparked a chess frenzy. Chess is a competitive board game that studies have shown that the game improves cognition. Stay away from mobile screens for a while and interact with your opponent. If you haven’t played chess before, find the learning resources online. It takes only moments to understand the rules.


Going outside earlier

We can still go outside for a moment. Maybe quick escape to enjoy your favorite dishes at breakfast point nearby. Arrive in the vicinity minutes before the opening hours, make the order, and enjoy your meal. Consider outdoor seating if provided. Ventilation is an important factor in preventing the virus that causes Covid-19 from spreading.


Subscribe to the streaming services

We are not going to discuss which services have the best shows but you know which services suit you. Avoid binge-watching and take rules of 20-20-20 if possible. Every 20 minutes spent using a screen, you should try to look away at something that is 20 feet (about 6 meters) away from you for a total of 20 seconds.

We have an idea! Why don’t you set the time with friends who have the same services, and minutes after finishing the show all of you can discuss the show. Watching separately but discussing together virtually.


Plan your next academic year

A week into the upcoming academic year, take a moment to plan what you are going to learn in the next academic year. Discuss with friends, teachers, and parents what you should prepare or learn.

We are entering the era of blended learning. School may combine offline and online learning situationally, make sure that your room is comfortable enough for studying. Double-check if you need your pencil sharpener replaced.


Remind yourself that you are not stuck at home, but you are doing your part to end the pandemic. The government makes policies to limit the spread, health officials analyze and treat the patients, and you are doing your best not being contracted and spread the virus. You are doing a good job.

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