Significantly help us make decisions and deal with a vast amount of information

Critical thinking is one of the 21st-century skills that anyone should possess. It matters since it can significantly help us make decisions and deal with a vast amount of information. Galileo, Albert Einstein, and Martin Luther King Jr are known to practice critical thinking.

Critical thinking encourages curiosity. Curiosity helps us gain a deeper understanding of our surroundings and make us learn a wide range of topics and interests. Being curious makes them lifelong learners, not limited by classrooms.

Critical thinking enhances creativity. Creativity helps us with problem-solving. When business, workplace, and marketing activities get creative, they thrive. Pandemic has shown when people and businesses get creative, they survived.

Creativity and curiosity foster independence. One of the goals of education is getting our students to begin thinking independently. When students think critically, they are learning to be independent. Independent thinking skills make students not only become great thinkers but great leaders. They learn from mistakes, gain confidence, and walk successful lives.

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